4 dead, including 2 kids, in Easter shooting at Florida home

A Florida man shot and killed his young son, his girlfriend’s mother and her teenage granddaughter before being gunned down by police on Easter Sunday, authorities said.

Police heard gunshots as soon as they arrived at the Orlando home. Upon their entry at about 2:25 a.m., they discovered three people with gunshot wounds, the Orlando Police Department said in a Facebook post.

Lacorvis Daley, 28, fatally shot his girlfriend’s mother, Carole Fulmore, 69, Fulmore’s 13-year-old granddaughter, Damionna Reed, and his own son, 7-year-old Cameron Bouie, WKMG reported.

Cameron was transported to an area hospital, where he later died, police said.

The two other victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

His girlfriend, who was not home at the time of the shooting and has not been identified, called 911 after her mother told her about a disturbance in their home, police said.

Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith said that Daley immediately engaged in a shootout with officers, who returned fire and killed him.

“A suspect walked out of the house, walked towards the officers, shot at the officers, the officers returned fire and the suspect fell,” Smith said.

“We detained the suspect, who later was deceased. We cleared the house and in the house, we found three people who were shot. OPD itself transported a young child to the hospital who died upon arrival at the hospital.

“So we have three victims who came out of the house and the one suspect that we shot.”

According to police, Daley and all of the victims lived at the home where the shooting took place.

Their neighbor, Joanne Capel, said that Carole Fulmore had texted her for help — but she didn’t see the message in time.

“I didn’t get to the phone in time. I looked up, she texted me ‘Call police, he’s shooting,’” Capel said.

“I’m kind of upset that even though I called the police, I still couldn’t help her … this was the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet,” she added, referring to the grandmother.

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