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Have you been struggling to look for the Best Organic Spotify Promotion Service in 2023 as an independent artist?

With a lot of Spotify Playlist Placement Services available, I know that getting the best Organic Spotify Promotion services is a bit hard, it can be very difficult to choose from as most of them are very bad and can hurt your account.

To help you in the selection, we’ve made a list of the 5 Best Spotify Playlist Placement Service in 2023 that offer guaranteed spotify playlist placement and real listeners.

These Spotify services will help you reach the right audience and gain more exposure to your music, and get into Spotify’s algorithmic playlists.

Let me show how the Best Spotify Promotion Service can help you grow your Spotify account.

Here are some of the top companies offering the Best organic Spotify promotions services in 2023, 5 of the best in no order are listed below.

What is organic Spotify promotion?

Organic Spotify promotion is when your music is being streamed by real people and not bots or streaming farms.

Some companies will promise to promote your music to a certain level but it isn’t real because they use bots software to get streams for you and that is a very bad practice.

Some companies offer legitimate organic Spotify promotions where the listeners are real and not coming from bots though.

Here is the list of my Best Spotify Promotion Service to try out.

Best Organic Spotify Promotion Service

These companies will not only provide you with genuine organic streams but also with seasoned experts who can give you advice on the ideal approaches for your music and how to accomplish your objectives more quickly. 

These companies can help you make the most of your music, whether you’re seeking playlist marketing or specifically focused promotional campaigns.

  1. Music Gateway
  2. Playlist Push
  3. Submit Hub
  4. Omarimc
  5. YouGrow (Winner)

Music Gateway

Music Gateway is one of the best options for guaranteed Spotify playlist placement in 2023.

Their team of professionals specializes in finding and securing placements on major playlists to help artists reach their desired audience and grow their Spotify accounts.

Music Gateway will help create a music network for independent curators who can get your music heard and also help build relationships with industry professionals.

One thing I love most about Music Gateway is their commitment to providing quality service, ensuring all placements are genuine, bot-free, and have real listeners.

Music Gateway’s experienced team and innovative services make it the right choice for musicians seeking Spotify playlist placement in 2023.

Playlist Push

Playlist Push allows you to promote your songs and get them featured on popular playlists.
A playlisting service can help artists reach a wider audience and get their music to the right people.
You can trust Playlist Push to offer you the best Spotify Playlisting Services.

They have a curator with years of experience who will find the best placement for your songs on top playlists.
With Playlist Push, you can also submit your music to Spotify playlists and create your own campaigns.
You have a 100% placement guarantee on the playlist if you choose from the different options.
Plus, you can track your progress and maximize your success with detailed analytics.

Submit Hub

Submit Hub is a great spotify playlisting service for independent artists on a budget. With their service, they guarantee Spotify playlist placement with real listeners, so you can grow your Spotify account quickly and easily.

Their services range from major label campaigns to independent artist campaigns, giving artists of all sizes the opportunity to get their music in front of the right audience.

Submit Hub also offers a variety of genres depending on your music, this will help your music reach the right target audience.
With their detailed analytics, you can track your progress and refine your campaigns over time. They offer discounts for larger campaigns.
So if you’re looking for guaranteed Spotify playlist placement that won’t break the bank, Submit Hub is the way to go.


Omari’s MC offers one of the top spotify playlisting services in the industry.

Their spotify playlisting services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual artist with detailed reports so you can track the performance of your songs on the playlists.

The success of your career depends on having a great presence on Spotify, and Omari’s MC can make sure you get the maximum exposure.
With Omari’s MC spotify playlisting services, you can rest assured that your music will be heard by the right people.


YouGrow is specifically dedicated to helping artists get the exposure they deserve with their services that can help take your music career to the next level.

YouGrow offered an exclusive placement on a limited number of buzz-worthy playlists.
This will get your music in front of influencers and tastemakers who can help you reach the top of the charts.
They also offered special social media promotions on Instagram and Twitter to help independent artists get the word out about their music and drive traffic to their streaming profiles.

Final Thoughts

A lot of fake Spotify Playlist Placement Services are flooded on the internet.
We only listed Playlisting companies that we have used and we have carefully evaluated their performance.

Though companies change so we can not be so sure of everything.
Spotify playlisting services are proven to be a better way to boost your visibility online and increase your fanbase.
There are no sure-fire ways of knowing if you’re going to make it as a musician, but by investing in those professionals, your chances are better.

You’ll have the best chance of getting your music noticed by the right people if you have the right team on your side.

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