Traffic vs Conversion Campaigns on Facebook Ads for spotify streams Which is better

by slim

I’m going to talk about the difference between using traffic campaigns and conversion campaigns on Facebook ads for spotify streams to promote your music on spotify.

When I started using Facebook ads for spotify to promote my music, I was actually using link-click campaigns to send people to music on spotify and it worked great for a couple of songs.

Then all of a sudden it stopped working and that’s when I switched to conversion campaigns.

I’ve used conversion campaigns to get millions of streams in my music since and they’re still working great for me so first let me talk about what the difference actually is between traffic and Conversion Campaign.

What are Facebook Traffic Campaigns?

Traffic campaigns are essentially sending people directly to your spotify. It’s one of the Facebook ads for spotify streams strategy to promote music.

 You can’t put a pixel on your spotify so you can’t track it all your tracking is when people click your ad and then you hope they make it spotify and if it works that’s cool.

The problem is that very often it doesn’t you’ll get like a thousand link clicks for like a penny or two or ten cents or whatever and then you’ll go in spotify and you’ll have almost nothing to show for it.

What are Facebook Conversion campaigns?

Facebook conversion campaign usually revolves when people click your ad they get sent to a page and then they choose their service and then this will fire a conversion event that facebook will track.

The reason why you do this is because it typically weeds out bots and accidental clickers you get much higher quality people in spotify.

You can also promote multiple music services at the same time so there are other benefits to it.

Advantages of Facebook Ads for spotify Streams

Targeted listeners

Successful Facebook ads for spotify streams campaign will give you targeted listeners.

Listeners who love your music and actually will want to listen to it more often.

Because this type of Spotify promotion is organic and real listeners.

More Royalties

See it as an arbitrage opportunity, Where you invest $0.23 and in return, you get $0.50.

You can imagine how much you will earn per stream you got for promoting your music using a Facebook ads campaign.

Algorithmic Playlist activation

One of the easiest ways for an independent artist to get more streams is by getting into the spotify algorithmic playlist.

The Spotify discover weekly playlist is the most performing algorithmic playlist you should be on.

You can pay your way in but you can work your way into the playlist using the Facebook ads campaign.

The trick here is getting as many streams as you can on the first three days of your track release will increase your Spotify popularity index and this will trigger the spotify algorithm.

Editorial Playlist Notice

Some of the factors that get you noticed by the spotify editorial are your track popularity index.

How your track performs over a short period of time, you should learn how to increase your music engagement on social media with your fans.

You will want to make sure you share your spotify track links as often as possible this also increases your spotify popularity index.

Increase in Followers

Facebook ads for spotify streams can boast your followers count.

The more new listeners you get, the more new followers you get, this is as simple as it sounds.

All this also depends on the type of Facebook ads for spotify streams you are running, you may want to maximize your campaign and get the best out of it.

So keep reading.

Traffic vs Conversion Campaigns on Facebook Ads for Spotify streams Which is better?

let’s talk about the story with traffic link click campaigns.

I ran a test of a separate project and I spent 25 dollars on a Facebook Traffic campaign.

I was able to get 58 link clicks for 44 cents per click.

it’s essentially just as expensive as a conversion campaign to pay 44 cents for a link-click campaign in tier-one countries it’s kind of bad compared to conversions.

The thing is like 58 link clicks and only five streams.

I looked at the profile level to see like well maybe people listen to other songs for whatever reason but no noticeable increase in listeners.

it seems like generally, the link-click campaign did absolutely nothing.

From 58 link clicks, I would have expected at least 25 new streams on the song more likely 60 to 80 streams in the song.

Then I ran a conversion campaign with the same countries I was able to get 80 clicks for 10 dollars and on my spotify, I got 50 streams.

That is totally better than a traffic campaign for me.

Final Thoughts

My advice right now is don’t use link-click campaigns unless you have tried out some method and you know that it’s working.

 It still seems to be just as unreliable as it’s it, conversion campaigns are far better.


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