How to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify in 2023

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Are you an independent artist trying to know how to get more monthly listeners on Spotify in 2023? If so, you are not alone! With the streaming industry growing exponentially, it can be hard for independent artists to get their music heard.

But don’t worry, there are ways to increase your Spotify monthly listeners and build your fanbase in the process.

In this blog post, we will provide you with the best tips to help you get more Spotify monthly listeners in 2023. So let’s get started and learn how to get more monthly listeners on Spotify in 2023!

7 Tips on How to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Understand Spotify Algorithm

How to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify

The Spotify algorithm plays a major role in boosting your monthly listeners.
It determines how likely it is for your music to be recommended to other users, as well as which playlists it could appear on.

Spotify’s algorithm takes into account various factors such as song streaming frequency, listener engagement, and artist popularity.

It also takes into account the user’s listening habits and the context of what they’re listening to.

The algorithm is constantly updating, so you need to stay on top of changes to ensure that your music is being recommended.

By understanding the algorithm, you can make informed decisions when creating content and distributing it, giving you the best chance to boost your Spotify monthly listeners.
I have a detailed post on How to get on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists, it will help you know more.

Optimize Your Spotify Profile

SPotify profile Optimization

Having an optimized Spotify profile is a great way to boost your Spotify monthly listeners.
Your profile should include your artist name, photo, genre, and description.

You can also include links to other social media accounts and your website to drive traffic.
Using the “about” section of your profile to give insight into who you are as an artist, including information such as your music style, influences, and more.

Utilizing relevant keywords will also help people find you more easily when they’re searching for music. When you update your profile, make sure you add new music and any other content you want to promote.

Your profile should also feature artwork that stands out and displays the personality of your music.

A great profile picture will help listeners quickly identify who you are and make it easier for them to recognize you.

By ensuring your profile is optimized, you are helping boost your Spotify monthly listeners by making yourself more visible.
Learn How to make your Spotify Artist profile looks Outstanding with just a few steps.

Use Social Media

How to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify
How to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify

If you want to get more Monthly Listeners on Spotify then social media will be your favorite hangout.

It’s a great way to create an active connection with your fans and carry them along as you progress, updating your fans on new music and upcoming releases is a great way to start the buzz.

Use Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms to promote your songs and utilize hashtags, polls, and creative content to engage your followers.

Connecting influencers as part of your marketing strategy will be helpful though might come with a huge budget but it will help promote your music on social media.

Additionally, make sure you are answering your followers’ comments and messages.

You will Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify with regular social media interaction.

Reach Out to Playlists Curators

Spotify Playlist Creator

One of the best ways to get more Spotify monthly listeners is to reach out to the right people: playlist curators.

There are many platforms that you can use to connect with playlist curators and influencers who can help get your music out there.

You can search on social media like Instagram and Twitter, or you can use specialized platforms such as Music Marketing Hub, and SubmitHub.

When reaching out to playlist curators, make sure that you’re providing a well-crafted pitch that outlines why your music should be featured on their playlists.

Showcase the unique qualities that make your songs stand out and highlight any noteworthy achievements like radio plays and reviews.

Also, be sure to include a streaming link so that they can preview the song or album and get a better feel for it.

If you’re successful in getting your music featured on a curated playlist, it can greatly increase your reach and help you get more Spotify monthly listeners.

Playlist placement can even lead to potential record deals and other opportunities, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

Connect With Other Artists

How to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify

One of the most effective ways to get more monthly listeners on Spotify is by connecting with other artists.
Connecting with other artists allows you to form mutually beneficial relationships that could potentially lead to more streams and exposure.

Start by offering to collaborate with other musicians that are working in the same genre as you.

You can also sign up for Facebook groups that link independent musicians. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other creatives and broaden your audience.

This will help you get more monthly listeners on Spotify.

Finally, consider attending music festivals and concerts. While this requires a financial investment, it can be worth it if it leads to increased exposure and potential collaborations.

Use Advertising

Advertising can be an effective way to get more monthly listeners on Spotify.
It is important to understand that advertising isn’t a one-time deal, it requires consistent investment in order to see results.

When deciding to use advertising, you must have a clear goal in mind. Do you want to drive more followers? Do you want more streams? Or do you simply want more people to hear your music? Once you know what your goal is, you can create an effective advertising campaign.

When creating your ad campaign, start by looking at the demographics of your existing listeners. This will help you to target potential new listeners who have similar tastes.

You can then decide where you want to advertise – whether it’s on social media, streaming platforms, or even through radio spots.

You should also consider how much money you can invest in your advertising campaign. Make sure you budget for the entire length of the campaign, as well as any potential costs associated with advertising.

Once your campaign is live, track your progress and adjust your strategy accordingly.

This will help you get more monthly listeners on Spotify, and also learn Facebook Ads for spotify streams best practice.

Be Consistent

On learning how to Get More Monthly Listeners on Spotify? Consistency is crucial.

Making sure you are consistently releasing new music, staying active on social media, and connecting with other artists will help ensure that your music is being heard.

It’s important to be patient as it may take some time for your efforts to pay off, but the most important thing is to stay consistent.

Put out new music regularly, interact with your fans and other artists, and don’t be afraid to be creative in the ways you promote your music.

Having a consistent presence online and pushing yourself to get more spotify monthly listeners is key to building your fan base and growing as an artist.

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