Is Spotify down? Why is Spotify not working and keeps stopping? 

by slim

Spotify users were reporting issues with the music streaming app on Thursday evening.

Users were reporting being unable to access the streaming platform with the outage being confirmed by Spotify.

According to Down Detector, issues started just after 6.23pm with people complaining they couldn’t use the app as it kept stopping with man receiving the message: “something went wrong.”

Why is Spotify not working?

Earlier, Spotify told users on Twitter: “We’ve received some reports that something’s off tune and are looking into them. Thanks for the heads-up!”

Spotify has now told the public that the issue is now resolved, tweeting: “Everything’s looking much better now! Get in touch with

“@SpotifyCares if you still need help.”

You can also visit the Web player help for further support.

Of the problems reported, 77% related to problems with the app while 12% related to problems with the website.

A further 11% of problems were linked to audio streaming.

Spotify users report app and website problems

Users took to the Down Detector comments to complain about the outage with one user saying: “me listening to absolute silence because spotify is down rn.”

Another added: “Pouring rain and Spotify is down. What else will go wrong?”

While another chimed in with: “I still wonder why I can’t listen to Spotify rn hahahhaa then I just knew that the app was totally down today :(((“

You can visit the Downdetector Methodology to learn more about how it detected problems.

Is Spotify is back after an outage?

Spotify says it has recovered from an outage that took place on Thursday.

While there were issues, the company said on its community forums that “We’ve received some reports that our website is presenting some technical difficulties so some of our services like the web player are being affected.” In a later update to that page, the company confirmed that “the Spotify app on different platforms is also affected.”

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