Jay Caleb Bell Suspect: North Carolina vacation turns bloody as quadruple stabbing breaks out in Airbnb rental

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Four people vacationing in North Carolina near the Tennessee border were stabbed to death at an Airbnb where authorities found a cache of various drugs, the local sheriff says.

Madison County Sheriff Buddy Harwood reported that deputies responded to an Airbnb rental in the town of Marshall just before 3:30 a.m. Monday morning. Upon arrival, authorities found that a quadruple stabbing had unfolded at the apartment.

Officers arrested six people after the stabbings and discovered a stash full of drugs including cocaine, mushrooms and marijuana. It is unclear whether the drugs played a role in the stabbings. The injured received medical attention.

Harwood said all parties involved in the incident were on vacation in the area. The sheriff described the incident as “isolated.”


North Carolina Airbnb suspect Jay Caleb Bell. (Madison County Sheriff’s Office)

Marshall is located about 20 miles from Asheville, North Carolina and is near the Tennessee border.

Harwood detailed the charges against each of those arrested in his Facebook post.

Of the six people arrested, suspect Jay Caleb Bell is the only one charged with “assault with a deadly weapon resulting in serious injury and intent to kill” and “two assaults with a deadly weapon resulting in serious injury.” He was also charged with criminal possession of cocaine and psilocybin mushrooms, and possession of marijuana.

North Carolina Airbnb suspects Richard Vincent Sakowski and Cassi Deann Sakowski. (Madison County Sheriff’s Office)

The other five suspects arrested were identified as: Daniel Mansilla-Perea, Richard Vincent Sakowski, Cassi Deann Sakowski, Christopher Lyn Boles and Jodi Michelle Douthit.

North Carolina suspects Jodi Michelle Douthit and Christopher Lyn Boles. (Madison County Sheriff’s Office)

The five suspects each face the same drug charges: criminal possession of Schedule 1 psilocybin mushrooms, criminal possession of Schedule 2 cocaine, and possession of marijuana.

North Carolina Airbnb suspect Daniel Mansilla-Perea. (Madison County Sheriff’s Office)

Fox News Digital reached out to the sheriff’s office for updates on the case, but didn’t immediately receive a response. Airbnb told Fox News Digital its “dedicated security team is investigating this incident.”

“Our dedicated security team is investigating this incident and is taking action to remove the booking guest from our platform and assist our affected host. We have also reached out to Sheriff Harwood to offer our assistance in the investigation by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office,” the Airbnb spokesman said.

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