How to get on Spotify algorithmic playlists in 2023

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Spotify is making things easier every day, with Spotify Algorithmic playlists it has even gotten better for independent artists, I’ll tell you what it is and how to get on Spotify algorithmic playlists in 2023.

One of the hardest parts of being an independent artist is promoting your music. It so sad to see you’re amazing track got little or no streams after a few weeks of release, despite the hard work you put into creating those wonderful tracks.

Well with Spotify Algorithmic playlists you can get your music from zero to thousands of streams for free. Yes so good to be true, relax.

Let me show you all about how to get on Spotify algorithmic playlists, keep reading.

What is Spotify Algorithmic playlists?

Spotify Algorithmic Playlists are collections of suggested songs created by Spotify software automatically based on users’ listening habits and regions over a while (Crowdsourcing and Data).

These Algorithmic Playlists are created for each user uniquely and change over time.

How do Spotify algorithmic playlists work

The Spotify Algorithmic understands what kind of music you love, due to your listening habit. Then it simply brings related music due to your taste and lets you listen to them.

For Example, I always listen to cool love music; the algorithmic will do his thing by introducing me to more cool love music from different artists.

Advantage of Spotify Algorithmic playlists for Independent artist

Now as an independent artist, this Spotify algorithmic playlist is so important for you to grow your music, mostly when you have little or no budget to market your music. Let me tell you why.

  1. Your music gets mixed with popular artist music within your genre
  2. You get more reached and listeners to your music for free
  3. You make extra cash for more streams
  4. You have the opportunity of your music going viral if it is loved.
  5. You gain new fans

Now those are some of the benefits for independent artists leveraging Spotify Algorithmic playlists

List of Spotify algorithmic playlists

There are 5 types of Spotify algorithmic playlists, which I will list and explain below.

           Spotify Release Radar Playlists

The Spotify release radar playlist is created specifically for users not to miss out on any new music release. The playlist differs from user to user and is updated with latest music every Friday.

If any users have previously skipped your music then your track cannot appear on their release radar playlist. 

The Spotify release radar playlist is very useful for an independent artist because this algorithmic playlist help in reaching out to new listeners.

           Spotify Discover Weekly Playlists

The Discover Weekly Playlist is one of the proven-to-work Spotify algorithmic playlists for an independent artist. This playlist suggests your songs to new listeners every week, it contains not more than thirty songs in it. Just like the name it shows your songs to new users to discover.

This playlist is updated every Monday and is very unique to each user.

           Spotify Artist Radio Playlists

Artist radio playlists specifically are created for listeners to get a taste of your catalog music. But why this playlist is more important to independent artist is your song get to be added also to others artist radio. People who listen to artist “A” radio will have the chance also to listen to your music. 

           Spotify On Repeat, Repeat, Rewind Playlists

When your songs are so interesting listeners tend to put them on repeat and just listen to your song. This trigger the Spotify algorithm to create a playlist and add your songs to it, it then suggests this playlist to other users that your songs are on repeat. 

           Spotify Daily Mix Playlists

Well, this playlist doesn’t play or proven to walk for independent artists, because one of the most important things about the playlist is that your song must be amongst users’ favorites.

The algorithm selects song based on what the users love to listen to, it shuffles the songs and let the user enjoy their favorite artist’s music without living the playlist.

How to get on Spotify algorithmic playlists for Free as an independent artist

Now that you know how this Playlist work, let me show you How to get on Spotify algorithmic playlists for Free with no hustle.

Claim your Spotify for Artist Page

The first and most important aspect is this. Yes as an independent artist if you don’t have access to your artist page on Spotify then you are not ready to market your music on the platform.

So many features and insights for you to miss out on if you are not having this access.

For this article, the Artist page is where you can tell Spotify more about your song for pitching and consideration.

I found this post on dittomusic detailed enough for you if you want to learn how to Claim your Spotify for Artist Page.

Release your Music on time

The second and most important aspect to get your song on the Spotify algorithmic playlists is to get your music to Spotify at least a month beforehand, Spotify suggests a week officially.

Spotify is the biggest music streaming platform in the world so a lot of songs are been distributed daily, the system needs all the time and information to categorize your song for listeners.

AM not just saying this, but this is exactly what the spotify team told us when we asked, at least let your track be pitched one week before the release date.

Get your Music Pre-Save

The only real information Spotify will have about how your song will perform is when it has a high number of pre-save, an artist with a good fanbase always enjoy this.

But as an independent artist, it will be difficult, except if you have some cash to run a Spotify pre-save campaign. 

You can skip this step if you have no budget for it or check out my other blog post for Best Spotify Promotion Service to help speed up your release.

 Song Engagement after release.

This is where you need to channel your energy as an independent artist, don’t just sit back after your music gets released.

The first three days of your release are very crucial to your music performance. This is what we call the learning stage of the Spotify algorithmic; this is where the software gathers more information about your songs and decides if it meets the catteries of any of its playlists.

if you can get your spotify popularity index score to about 20 within the first 3 days of your track, then you have a very high chance of getting into the Spotify algorithmic playlists.

So don’t sleep on this here are a few things you can do here:

  1. Share your Music links on all your social media account
  2. Ask family and friends to Save (like button) and stream your track on Spotify and also share it on their social media accounts.
  3. Create a short video and Keep sharing your music
  4. Don’t ever use a bot to boost your music.

Here you go.

Final thought

Getting your music on the Spotify algorithmic playlist will be a huge achievement for your track as an independent artist.

It will help to expose your music, get more listeners, and in return generate more streaming revenue, so don’t sleep on it.

You can also learn how to get on Spotify Editorial playlist for Independent Artists.

Do comment on what you need more clarification about, thank you, and go make some money from your music today.

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