How to make your Spotify Artist profile looks Outstanding in 15 Minute

by slim

First Impressions matter a lot, if your Spotify artist profile is not appealing it sends a bad signal to potential fans.

If a new user gets to your artist page and finds nothing interesting that alone will stop such users to follow your profile or want to listen to more of your music.

So getting things right are very important.

Do you know that making your Spotify artist profile looks outstanding wouldn’t even take much of your time, the little things matter more.

So let’s begin.

How to get a Spotify Artist Profile as an independent Artist?

You can do this in two ways, whichever way you chose works fine.

  1. Using your Music distributor

Some Music distribution companies offer integrated features in their platform that help your claim your artist profile on Spotify without doing the hard work.

Tunecore is one of the many distribution companies that offer such a service.

  • Claiming your spotify for artist page by Yourself

If your music distribution company is not having these features you can do that yourself.

This process is not painstaking; it is very easy and fast, and it takes a maximum of three days to have access to your profile page.

Learn how to claim your spotify for artist page here.

Optimize your Spotify artist profile professionally

The bellow tips are listed in the particular order so, whichever you wish to start from doesn’t matter, just get it done.

  • Your Profile Photo

Your Artist profile picture is the first aspect of your music online; it is the first thing that usually gets the attention in your profile page so let’s make it stand out with the following tips.

  1. Photo size must be square, minimum of 750px width and 750px height.
  2. Don’t add text to your images.
  3. A cleared Photo with good lighting will be most appealing.
  4. A photo with your face on focus is preferable.
  • Banner Image

One thing about your banner image is the ability to show who you are, and what kind of music you do.

The banner image is that background image you find in an artist profile, see the example below.

Spotify Banner Image: Artist: AryaStar

Here are some tips to get the best banner image.

  1. Photo size must be a minimum of 2660px width and 1140px height.
  2. Don’t add text also
  3. Make your photo pop with good colors
  4. Let your image be the main attention at the center because it is going to be viewed on a different device, so let it fit in.
  5. A very sharp image with less grain is a very professional one
  6. Image Gallery

Add at least 5 images different from your Artist profile photo and Banner photos.

The photo must be a minimum of 690px * 500px.

Combining a great visual alongside your amazing catalog of music will send a good professional message to your listeners.

  • About Page

Your profile about Page is your voice; this is the only place you get to tell your fans or listeners about you and your music.

Getting a professional to write a Biography for you will be a very nice idea, but as an independent artist or we do is try to reduce cost.

So I will suggest you learn how to write a professional Artist Bio from the Masterclass website.

  • Artist Pick

This is one feature I find very handy. Every artist has the option to share a message just like a note on their profile page.

So many artists just share their latest release there, but I feel it is a very bad practice.

Your latest release is already in your catalog why still sharing it?

Spotify Artist Pick from Ed Sheeran Artist Page

What I always recommend is to pick a playlist created by you or a playlist that has your track in.

Select it as your artist pick, in this way you are maximizing the reach of the playlist.

You can put together your best-performing songs in the playlist created by you.

  • Social Profile

This feature is one you don’t joke with, connecting all social media accounts to your profile page.

This will make it easier for listeners, fans, or anyone to get in touch.

And also it makes your account look professional and more serious.

Final Thoughts

A Professional Spotify Artist profile that is updated regularly, helps to gain more confidence from your listeners and also the spotify editorials.

Before your song even gets added to any Spotify editorial playlist, your profile will always be checked.


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