Secret to Spotify Editorial playlist for Independent Artists

by slim

In this article am going to be working you through Spotify editorial playlist, what is a Spotify editorial playlist and how to pitch to Spotify editorial playlists as an independent artist for free.

What is a Spotify editorial playlist?

Spotify editorial playlists are playlists created by Spotify Staff. The Team has a playlist for all kinds of music genres, music moods, and Charts created.

For example: If you are looking for the latest Trap Hit, there is a playlist created for that, if you are looking for hot music in your city their playlist is created for that.

And getting your song on Spotify editorial playlists is free of charge.

Why is Spotify editorial playlist good for Independent Artist?

An artist’s primary goal is to be heard and given much attention. However, accomplishing this goal will require substantial music promotion, which will undoubtedly break the bank—that is, while the majority of independent artists go unnoticed or unheard.

But many independent artists have gained visibility and found careers thanks to the influence of Spotify’s editorial playlists.

Although getting into a Spotify editorial playlist isn’t always simple, I’ll help you out.

Who are Spotify editorial team?

The primary responsibility of the Spotify staff is to categorize and review music that has been posted to the service.

Due to the international workforce, Spotify finds it very simple to explore local music and create playlists for any culture, language, mood, and time.

How to get on Spotify editorial playlists – Five Simple Steps

Distribute your Music One month before to release date

You must begin the distribution process on time and upload your songs to Spotify at least one month prior to the intended release date.
Assuring the accuracy of all information will enable Spotify to have the appropriate quantity of information about your music.

Update your Spotify Profile Before the release

This step is very important, but many people don’t take it very seriously. Updating your profile is crucial, and this is emphasized even in the Spotify for artists Dashboard.

Additionally, it will let the editorial team know that your account is open and prepared to advertise your music.

The editorial team will not want to waste their time on musicians who won’t benefit their playlist in any way.

A few things you could do before release are:

  1. Update your biography
  2. Make sure your Cover Photo and Profile Picture are updated
  3. Check all your Account is linked to all your social media page (Important)

Release Music Consistently

On a social media network like Spotify, you can’t just release music once a year and expect it to make the editorial playlist.

At least once every four to eight weeks, you must frequently release new music.

This can assist you not only get into Editorial playlists but also grow your fan base and keep you in the public eye as an artist.

Get into Spotify Algorithmic Playlist

For you to get into the Spotify editorial playlist you must first get into Spotify Algorithmic playlists.

This a normal rule, and this also will help get your song noticed by the Editorial staff.

Read my previous article here on Spotify Algorithmic playlists and how to get into them

Pitch Your Music to Spotify editorial playlists

This is the last of it all; writing 500 words of pitch content for the Spotify editorial is the big deal here.

Writing a good pitch is very important; here are some things to look out for.

  1. Don’t write your Biography in a pitch email.
  2. Start with how your previous releases are doing with Statistics.
  3. Go straight to the aim of the Email
  4. Little about the story behind the Music you are pitching
  5. Tell the teams about how you plan to promote your music.

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