7 Ways to use Spotify Listeners playlists to promote your music

by slim

Do you know that adding your track to what we call Spotify Listeners playlists may do a lot for your music?

Well, the majority of independent artists disregarded the influence of Spotify Listeners playlists.

Also losing out on the free opportunity to advance their music on the platform.

I’ll go through the incredible advantages Spotify listeners playlists have for you as an independent artist.

What Is Spotify Listeners Playlists?

Spotify listeners playlists sometimes called User-generated playlists or User playlist is a playlists made by Spotify users (Me and You).

These playlists are controlled by the users without any interference from the Spotify editors.

We have a Public or Private Playlist depending on the creator’s intention.

Why Spotify Listeners Playlists Are Good Promotional Strategies?

According to the Spotify teams, the Spotify Listeners playlists may influence how they perceived your track, also how the algorithm categorizes your track also.

If your track is getting streams from the user’s generated playlist, then the track is of high priority and might be rewarded with a Spotify editorial playlist placement.

Morse, it gives more data to the team on which playlist will suit your music, it also helps the algorithm to suggest your tracks to potential related users.

The more playlist your track is added to, the more data it fetches for Spotify.

So don’t sleep on it.

Can An Artist Create Their Own Spotify Listeners Playlists?

Defiantly yes, in fact, it is advisable for all artists to create their own spotify personalized playlists, and featured them in their catalog.

My best Practice will be creating a playlist and adding music from other artists in my Genre, to the list.

This will not only make the playlist dynamic but will also make other users glued to the playlist and in return give me more streams alongside.

How To Use Spotify Listeners Playlists To Promote Your Music

Here is some useful information on how to promote your music using Spotify User generated playlist.

  • Come up with a catchy Playlist name

A boring playlist name will attract no users.

Think of name good name within your environment, some good slangs or words commonly use that relate to the kind of music you do will be highly advisable.

This will interest both local users of your playlist.

Be creative, flexible, and meaningful while picking a name for your playlist.

Get inspired with our 99+ Funny Spotify Playlist Names and also these Playlist names Ideas here from remote.tools.

  • Use Top Artist within your Genre as Cover Photo

Yes, you can use your photo as the cover art, but remember this comes with some drawbacks.

As an independent artist without that recognition, no one is getting hyped or overwhelmed why seeing your photo, sorry but you are just not there yet, this is the reality.

Look for one of the Trending songs within your genre for that moment; use the artist’s Photo as the Cover photo.

This will attract at least 80% of the Artist’s fans to the playlist if there come across it.

It’s a win for you. More listeners and more likes mean more exposure for you.

  • Add top and Upcoming Artist’s songs to your Playlist

Now instead of just focusing on your music, while creating this playlist.

Add another flavor to it, make it dynamic, and add other artist music to it.

Mostly a mixed of Artist who is not well known will help make your playlist stand out because the essence of this playlist is to help users discover new artist and music to their preferred taste.

  • Feature your playlist in your catalog

Very important to note that your playlist needs to be featured on your catalog page.

This will not only help to promote the playlist and your profile but it helps in making you relevant in the industry and earn some more respect from other Artist.

The goal is to get more attention to your craft so, it is a good idea.

  • Frequently Update your playlist

Updating your playlist with fresh music, maybe weekly or once every two weeks will increase the engagement of your playlist.

This is the secret that will make your profile and playlist a regular joint for users to come to get new melodies.

  • Be Open to Music Submission

Accepting new Submissions is one approach to increasing connections and creating new friends.

Users who were added to your playlist might simply request in return that they share it, or perhaps a follow on Instagram will do.

While it’s not necessarily a terrible habit to reject submissions in the interim, I’ll advise you to do so.

Include your social media handles in the playlist description and clearly state that you accept submissions and encourage users to get in touch with you there.

  • Share Your Playlist

You already know right? I’ll still say it again; share your playlist via your entire social media platform.

Write an interesting caption to gain more engagement.

Tell your fans and friend about this playlist the same way you promote your new single, ask them what they think about the playlist.

Spread the word.

Final Thought

As an independent musician, Spotify Listeners playlists are excellent tools for promoting your music.

It is better than Paid Spotify Playlist Placement Service, for this you won’t pay an extra penny for it, and taking advantage of any chance to promote your music is what you need right now.

Never easy, but take it one step at a time, my friend.

Cheers, go make good music and share with the world.

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