Why Spotify Playlist Placement Service is a Terrible Deal for Independent Artists

by slim

Spotify Playlist Placement Service might be good for some people but Imagine paying to have your own track destroyed. I’ll explain why I don’t like the paid Spotify Playlist Service.

The success of your track can be made or broken by getting it on a playlist.

However, some of these playlists are not what they seem to be. 

Don’t get me wrong, playlists are still one of the finest ways to promote your music and attract more people.
But make sure you read along to understand why I don’t like those self-claimed best Spotify playlist placement Services.

What is Spotify Playlist Placement Service?

Spotify Playlist Placement Service is a business or person that offers to add your songs to Spotify playlists that are either self-made or those they claim to have connections to.

You will be charged for either the review or placement costs if you choose to use this service; it is not free.

Though some companies are legit and offer real Spotify Promotion Service without hurting your account.

Different between Spotify Editorial Playlist Pitching and Spotify Playlist Placement Service?

Editorial playlists on Spotify are those created by the company’s staff; there are no placement or review fees associated with them.
While Spotify Listeners playlists are created by individuals or businesses outside of the Spotify staff.

Some of the songs on this listener’s playlist have a lot of followers and may help your track, while others will only hurt its progress.

5 Reasons Why Spotify Playlist Placement Service is bad for Independent Artists

As an independent artist, you should look out for your track in every way you can. These are 5 reasons why you should never buy Spotify playlist placement service.

  • Track Reviewing Fees

The majority of these playlist curators will guarantee that they will place you on the top playlist, but they will also let you know that it’s a process.

Due to the large number of submissions they are receiving, the crew needs to review your songs, and you will need to pay for them.

After review, if the team likes your track and decides it’s a suitable fit for their playlist, you’ll be added; if not, you can kiss your hard-earned money goodbye.

This is just nonsense. As an independent musician, why would I spend $20 simply to acquire a review whether my song would fit nicely on your playlist? 

This is the sole instance of a fall.

The image examples of this type of service that you should avoid are shown below.

  • Track Placement Fees

Spotify Editorial playlist will never charge you a dime for playlist placement, then why will a third party do such?

Of course, I know it’s business but why not go directly to a music Promotion Company if you have the money to pay for Spotify Placement?

This playlist placement service will cost you about $30 – 100 per track placement; you could sum up that and do a proper promotion for your track.

  • Fake Playlist Data

Most of these playlists you pay for are fake, with a high number of followers.

Now you see a playlist with about 50k followers and 100k likes after paying for placement on this playlist, you can’t even get up to 1k streams in a month from it.

This is because this playlist data is fake, not organic, they’re meant to entice you and get your money with fake promises, stay away from it, please.

  • Not Organic Spotify promotion (BOT)

The majority of this playlist placement uses bot streams on their playlist to get you that number of streams, which is an extremely important point to keep in mind.

This behavior is terrible and could harm your track.

One drawback of the Spotify algorithm is that it only functions with data that has been provided because it is not human.

  • Getting Your Account Ban for Life

As a result of using a bot on the playlist, this practice can get your account Banned on Spotify.

Spotify doesn’t support Bot streams as it violates their rules, so you can imagine you paying to get your account banned.

That’s too bad.

Final Thought

Avoid paying for any Spotify placement services, because they are typically expensive and dangerous for the longevity of your music, you can use Spotify playlist placement free.
Better still, consider pitching to the Spotify editorial playlist and aiming to be included in the Spotify algorithmic playlist; both of these activities are cost-free.
Your brand will develop as a result, and you’ll earn more money.
Although it takes time, every second is worthwhile.

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