How to Calculate Spotify popularity index Score in 2023

by slim

Do you know that you can calculate how popular your track is on Spotify? It is called Spotify Popularity Index. The popularity score of spotify is a new tool that helps artists with the progress of their releases.

I will be showing you very useful tips on How to Calculate popularity index score For Spotify, increase your Spotify popularity score and trigger the Spotify algorithm in this post.

As an independent artist, you defiantly need this.

What is Spotify popularity index?

The Spotify popularity index uses a rating system from 0 to 100 to compare the performance of your music or artist to that of other artists or tracks.

Your chances of getting your music added to an editorial or algorithmic playlist on Spotify increase as your popularity increases.

The threshold for the algorithmic playlist is 25 out of 100, but if your track can get up to 50 then it will ease your chances of getting noticed by the Spotify editorial playlist curators.

Spotify artist popularity score

The Spotify artist popularity score is the rank, specifically for artists’ performance related to another artist.

Note this gives you your overall performance in the platforms, and this performance will depend on how well your tracks are performing and how frequently you release music on the platform.

Spotify track popularity score

While the Spotify track popularity score is basically for your track performance, not the entire artist’s performance.

This gives insight into how your track is performing, unlike the artist’s popularity score which gives general ranking insight.

What is a good Spotify popularity index?

Spotify didn’t mention any exact score, to be honest, but the professional believes that the magic score is 20.

If your track can get a Spotify popularity score of 20 on the first week of releasing the song, this will be good as it will increase your chances of getting discovered and also will get you into the Spotify algorithmic playlists.

This is what most independent artists will want, so try all you can to achieve this.

How to calculate Popularity index

Spotify didn’t provide this data on Spotify for artist dashboard, am still wondering why? But Spotify popularity index API is provided for web developers on the Spotify for Developers page to get this data.

You can use the below methods to calculate the popularity index score on spotify with Some already made Spotify Popularity score calculator Websites.

Spotify Popularity index formula

There is no official Spotify popularity index formula that gives a very accurate result as per the score of your track.

So my advice is to use the Spotify popularity score calculator Website to know your track score.

Spotify popularity score calculator Website

These are the best and easiest ways to see your Spotify popularity score.

Chartmetrics is a simple tool used by musicians and record labels to collect data about their music or artist.  This tool analyzes every piece of information about your music, from the playlist, engagement, skip rate, save rate, and even more.

You can see your Spotify popularity index score with this tool.

Musicstax is yet another tool to get useful insight into your music or any artist’s music. Information like the tempo of the song, the song’s energy, the key used in the song, the danceability of the song, and more information you will find with this tool.

Songstats is similar to every other website listed above. It gives the ability for you to find out more information about a track.

But what made Songstats stand out is that it is application driven. Meaning you can install it on your mobile phone and receive information about your track as quickly as possible.

How to increase your Spotify popularity score

The key factor in increasing your Spotify popularity score is the track engagement in the first week of release.

  • Pre-Save Campaign: if you have a small budget I will advise you to run a pre-save campaign, the amount of saving your track gets will defiantly hike every aspect of the track.
  • Track Engagement: Try as much as you can to get your track shared by family and friends on release day, this will help to get that engagement and increase your Spotify popularity index score.
  • User-Generated Playlist: Try to get into some playlist created by listeners, even if it doesn’t have many or no followers, this practice will send a proper signal to the Spotify algorithm.

Final Thoughts

Getting good insight into your track is a good way to measure your performance. The Spotify Popularity score is a great tool to use to your advantage.


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