How Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist Could Change Your Career

by slim

Do you know that Spotify’s discover weekly playlist has helped grow many independent artists?

If you are looking to gain your first one thousand listeners’ then this is for you.

I will show you how Spotify’s discover weekly playlist has changed a lot of artist career positively.

What is Spotify’s discover weekly playlist?

Spotify’s discover weekly playlist is among one of five Spotify algorithmic playlists.

The playlist consists of thirty fresh music every week suggested by Spotify to each user base on some criteria, which I will discuss later on.

How does Spotify’s discover weekly algorithm work?

The Spotify algorithm took a number of things into account while making this playlist for you.
The listener’s musical preferences are among the most crucial variables, and the genre, mood, and style of the music all matter a lot.
The second is user playlists. If the algorithm notices that you get added to other users’ custom-generated playlists, it notifies other relevant songs to be curated.

The benefit of Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist for an independent artist

There are so many benefits the Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist can do for you let me mention a few for you.

  1. Get more streams to your tracks for free: This is firstly the number one goal of distributing your track to Spotify the playlist will work for you freely.
  2. Increase your Spotify listeners: By getting more streams you defiantly get a fair amount of listeners also.
  3. Gain more Spotify followers: More followers more success for you, as this will make your profile stand out and also pave way for coming releases.
  4. Increase Your Engagement:  The engagement of your track and profile is of the things that matter most in ranking you’re spotify account.
  5. Get in Spotify’s Editorial Playlist: if the algorithm trusts your music, the editors have no choice but to listen to your music, and if there find it fits any of their playlists, you will be added. That is a big win for you.

How to get your song on Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist

These are proven to work way on how you can get your music on the discover weekly spotify algorithm for free.

Please note No one can guarantee this, but this is what works for another artist.

  • Music Saves Rate

The amount of saved music get is the most important aspect that triggers the Spotify algorithm.

Ever wonder why all the big labels always get their artist track on this playlist? Well is their ability to gather a large number of saves before and after release.

Of course, it could be hard for you but their strategies to try out, I will show you all this in another post.  

  • Engagement in your Music

How well your track is performing outside Spotify also matters, the rate of shares it gets on social media like Twitter and Facebook all matters.

So make sure your share your track on release day, and ask family and friends to do that also, it really will add up for you.

  • Music Skip Rate

A low music skip rate is a good song according to the algorithm, and you.

If your music always gets skipped before the first 15 seconds of play that send a bad signal to the algorithm and it could be bad for you.

Here is some of the Best practice to avoid High Skip:

  1. Don’t add your music to playlists that are not your Genre type
  2. Do not add to paid Playlist service
  3. Do not use Bot streams
  4. Don’t do reward-for-play strategies
  5. Don’t spam your tracks
  • Track Popularity Score

This is not a piece common knowledge to everyone but there is what is called Spotify Track Popularity.

It is a rank-based system Spotify uses to rank your track, and the entire factors listed above like, low skip rate, engagement, stream ratios, and listeners are all a cafeteria for this rank.

So you see everything we are saying here is very important tour growth

  • Music Quality and Structure

Content is king, if the quality of your music is somehow below standard, the AI will know and will ignore prioritizing your track.

The system doesn’t want to promote low-quality music, because this business and its growth depend on the quality you get, and this is what made them stand out in the crowd.

One Quick solution to this is to always use the spotify quality slandered rules; this could be for your sound engineer. Make sure this goes checked, very important.

Bonus: All these strategies will only work effectively if you can get them at least within the first week of your track release, this is very crucial, and because this is the stage the Spotify Algorithm is gathering data about your release.

And also release music frequently; this will help the algorithm get more data about your music.

Final Thought

Getting on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist is something you should put in mind, as this can be a game changer for you.

It will build your confidence and also grow your fan base.


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