How to Set up TikTok Conversion Ads for Spotify Properly

by slim

I’m going to show you how you can use a tiktok conversion Ads campaign to promote your music on Spotify.

This also works on all other streaming platforms, like Apple music, Audiomack, Deezer e.t.c.

I will also show you how you can set up the TikTok pixel on your landing page.

Let’s get started.

How to access Tiktok Ads manager

To access the Tiktok ads manager go to create an account.

It’s totally free of charge to create an account obviously it’s not free to run the ads anyways.

How to Create a TikTok Conversion Ads

  • Create A Music Landing Page

Before you can start a Tiktok conversion Ads, you must have a music landing page.

You can create a landing page by using some music smart link service.

Not every Smart links service that you will be able to use.

Services like, and can work, as they support the Tiktok pixel.

But for this post so I’m going to be using

  • Create a Tiktok Pixel

Go to Assets and events, inside of the events page is where everything with the tiktok pixels actually is.

Click on website events, you’re going to see empty pixels because this might be your first time opening it. So Click on Create New Pixel.

The pixel will be created, it is just combination of numbers and letters so you can just copy it and go insert it in your smart Link page.

Depending on the smart link you are using, this step differs.

You can ask the smart link provider for help on how to implement the pixel on their platform.

  • Test Your Pixel with QR Code feature

Don’t just blindly trust that everything’s working after connecting it to your landing page.

You want to make sure it’s working.

So to do go to test events inside the Assets and events page and paste your landing page link and click generate QR code.

Just take out your mobile phone camera and scan the QR code.

 It will open up your landing page that you paste.

Congratulation you have successfully set your account read to create a TikTok Conversion Ads.

  • Create A conversion Ads

Some of you might be thinking why you wouldn’t just use a traffic campaign sending people directly to spotify.

For me the same reason as it is for Facebook, i don’t just use traffic because it’s not always effective, and you cannot track your clicks to streams.

Go back to the Tiktok Ad manager, Click Website conversions objective.

 Inpute a name to this ads, and click continue.

A new Ad group will open.

Since you’re going to be sending people to your landing page choose the Tiktok pixel you created in the previous steps.

Choose your preferred Ads placements.

Scroll down to the countries and choose what countries you want.

Choose your specify age base on the demographic that corresponds to your music i think 18 to 44 is much advisable.

Put your budget the minimum budget per day is 20 dollar per ad set so if you wanted to test out multiple audiences you’d be paying 20 per audience that you’re testing out.

Choose Conversion as the goal of the Ads.

if you link your Tiktok account to the Ads manager you can actually run the ads through your official tiktok account but you don’t have to you can just turn this off and you can just upload your video and run ads directly from the ad

Final Thoughts

I found the TikTok Conversion Ads for Spotify to be Very expensive compared to Facebook or Instagram ads.

But you can hopefully try it out and see if it works better for you.

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