Who is Brooklynn White? What we know about Buster Murdaugh’s girlfriend

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Buster Murdaugh’s attorney girlfriend was a constant presence by his side as his disgraced lawyer father Alex Murdaugh’s high-profile murder trial gripped the country.

His 26-year-old girlfriend, Brooklynn White, was spotted comforting the now-convicted murderer’s flame-haired son repeatedly in the courtroom throughout the six-week trial in South Carolina.

And that support continued in the days after Murdaugh’s life sentence was handed down, with the young couple quickly escaping to a condo in Hilton Head, SC, where they were spotted walking her dog.

While they appear to keep their relationship mostly under wraps, here’s what we know about Brooklynn White so far:

What’s Brooklynn White’s background?

Who is Brooklynn White?

White is a native of Rock Hill, SC, but relocated to Alabama in 2014 for college. She got a bachelor of arts in political science at the University of Alabama, according to her LinkedIn.

White then showed an interest in law and order by becoming a juris doctor candidate at the University of South Carolina Law School between 2018 and 2021.

In that time, White interned at a handful of law firms up and down the South Carolina coast and became a criminal law tutor at the school, her LinkedIn shows.

After graduating, White took up a position at the Olivetti, McCray & Withrow law firm, which is based in Hilton Head, in the fall of 2021.

She focuses primarily on estate planning, probate and trust administration, according to the firm’s website.

“I went to law school because I always had a desire to help people work through complex issues. I find it rewarding to help others,” White wrote in a profile on the firm’s site.

White added that in her free time, she enjoys “traveling, spending time with friends and family, and playing with her Golden Retriever, Miller.”

How did Buster and Brooklynn meet?

Brooklynn White Buster Murdaugh’s girlfriend

Buster is believed to have met his girlfriend when they were both studying at the University of South Carolina Law School.

Buster had been a law student at USC as well — which is also his father’s alma mater — until he was expelled over an alleged plagiarism incident, the Wall Street Journal reported at the time.

Is Buster Murdaugh’s in a relationship with Brooklynn White?

Brooklynn White relationship with Buster Murdaugh’s

It isn’t clear when the pair officially got together, but they were dating when Buster’s mother, Maggie, and brother, Paul, were murdered in June 2021.

Brooklynn was with Buster when his father called to tell him about their slayings, jurors heard during the high-profile trial.

She helped her boyfriend pack a bag and went with him to stay at the Murdaugh family home in the wake of the murders

During the trial, Buster testified that he stayed with his dad “for a good while” after the slayings but eventually left so he could live with his girlfriend in Rock Hill and commute to his job in Charlotte.

Later in 2021, Brooklynn purchased a $180,000 condo in Hilton Head, according to property records.

The couple have been holed up there ever since Murdaugh’s guilty verdict was handed down on March 3.

The grim-faced couple were spotted taking their two dogs for a walk in the days after Murdaugh was jailed for life.

What’s Brooklynn’s social media presence like?

White’s Facebook page is still active but hasn’t been publicly updated since August 2022 when she last changed her profile photo.

Her page is filled with photos of her smiling with friends in college and posing with fellow members of her Delta Zeta sorority.

White’s LinkedIn page is also public but doesn’t list where she currently works.

White was a constant presence during the six-week murder trial.

She was spotted regularly walking in and out of the court with her boyfriend, Buster.

Numerous photographs from inside the courtroom also showed White listening intently as witnesses — including Buster and his father — took the stand to testify about the double murders.

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