Who is Buckethead? A Look at the Mysterious Facemask-Wearing Guitarist

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Who is Buckethead? The mysterious facemask-wearing guitarist known as Buckethead has been making waves in the music industry since the early 1990s.

His unique combination of shredding guitar riffs, eclectic costumes and facemask-wearing persona have helped him to gain a cult following.

Lets find out Who is Buckethead?

Brian carroll buckethead Early Life

Carroll was raised in a suburb of Southern California close to Disneyland. He was an introvert when he was younger and spent much of his time in his room with toys, games, and memorabilia from martial arts movies.
A lot of his time was also spent in Disneyland. Carroll picked up the guitar when he was 12 years old.

Carroll Adopts the Buckethead Persona

On that fateful night, Buckethead found his persona.
He was eating from a tub of fried chicken when he had a life-changing epiphany: “I put the mask on and then the bucket on my head. I went to the mirror. I just said, ’Buckethead. That’s Buckethead right there.’ It was just one of those things,” he told Guitar Player magazine. It’s still unclear how much he can see through those eyeholes.

The iconic buckethead facemask became an important part of the Buckethead persona and has remained a signature part of his look.
The mask was designed by Rick Adams, an artist from Anaheim, California.
The facemask is made from an authentic KFC bucket, with tiny holes cut out for visibility and to allow for breathing.
The mask also includes a plastic surgeon’s face shield to protect the eyes.
The unique look of Buckethead has become part of his mystique and has helped him develop a dedicated following.

How many albums has buckethead released?

Buckethead’s real name is Brian Carroll and he has released over 435 studio albums and has collaborated with a number of well-known artists.

Buckethead’s studio albums have been praised by critics for their technical proficiency and experimental approach.
Some of his albums include Population Override (2000), Enter the Chicken (2005), and Electric Tears (2006)
In this article, we will explore the man behind the mask and take a closer look at the life and career of Buckethead.

Carroll Joins Guns N’ Roses

In 2000, Brian Patrick Carroll, also known as Buckethead, was asked to join the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses as lead guitarist.
Buckethead had been a longtime fan of the band and he accepted the offer to join. He played alongside Axl Rose and the rest of the members of Guns N’ Roses for the next seven years.

His career with the band included performances at major music festivals and tours around the world. Buckethead’s contributions to Guns N’ Roses were both dynamic and creative; his inventive approach to guitar playing enabled him to stand out amongst the other band members.

The partnership between Buckethead and Guns N’ Roses ended in 2004, but it remains an important part of Buckethead’s career.

The multi-instrumentalist has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Iggy Pop, Bootsy Collins, Viggo Mortensen, and Metallica.

Buckethead Unmasked 2019

Who is Buckethead
Buckethead Unmasked 2019

Significantly, the cover of Pike 13 features the first public-released image of Buckethead unmasked.

He also wears a unique and intricate costume featuring Japanese symbols, logos, and other symbols.

How much is Buckethead net worth?

Brian Carroll Buckethead, also kstage costumes, which usually consist of a customized white mask and a KFC bucket on his head.

Buckethead’s live performances have earned him immense recognition from fans, leading to sold-out shows across the world.

He has been featured on magazines such as Rolling Stone and Guitar World and won multiple awards.
Buckethead’s wealth can be attributed to his successful music career and collaborations.

As of 2023, his estimated net worth is estimated at $20 million making him one of the most successful guitarists in the world.
His success as a musician has been inspiring to aspiring guitarists who want to make it big in the industry.

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